Fortress Technology Solutions offers an extensive range of quality surveillance systems to accommodate all commercial and residential applications in Calgary. From a single camera to large camera networks, indoor, outdoor, night, day, analogue or digital systems; We have an affordable, comprehensive and smart surveillance solution for your requirements.

Our surveillance system solution will provide clear images in all lighting situations and provide 24/7 coverage of your property. The system enables the positive identification of individuals, vision of risk situations, and be tamper resistant.

Recorded footage is transferred from the security cameras throughout your property to a hard drive or digital recorder (DVR or NVR). Once stored the recording system, it will allow you to research and access individual incidents easily.

Your surveillance system can be connected through your local network which allows authorized staff to log in and monitor cameras on-site and/or remotely through a home PC, phone or tablet.

There will be no subscriptions or monthly fees. You will own the system 100%!

Installing a closed circuit surveillance system will allow you to monitor activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A professional surveillance system can deter shoplifters, intruders, and dishonest staff as well as recording accidents or at-risk situations. This extra surveillance will pay for itself in no time, through minimized losses and peace of mind.

All new installations will include:

  • On-site consultation and quote
  • After-sales support
  • All software installation and setup for your devices
  • Training on your new system
  • Check-up, test, maintenance after 6 months
  • Priority service dispatch
  • One year warranty on parts and labour
For expert advice on all your Surveillance System needs, Contact Us now or click button below to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a new Surveillance System solution customized to suit your home or business.